Healthy Hair Journey…

Yay we are in April!! So thankful for the gift of life!

Please remind me NEVER to go out on a work night

Two of my friends from London (hello I Just Got Backs) were in town and we went karaoke-ing on Thursday night…hmm exhausted was an understatement *yawn*

I am also trying the Vegetarian lifestyle FOR THE MONTH (Pescetarian boo…I need obstacles on my plate okay? I love eating Chicken so let’s see how it goes (eating just chicken).You can follow my semi fit-fam adventures here

Are you following me on instagram? QUICK… my handle is @zaynelane :D.

Back to the gist at hand, I’m going to keep today’s post reader friendly so I don’t send anyone to sleep with cool tales of hair cause if you allow me, I can talk about hair and products for eternity (ask about me yo!).


I keep getting questions regarding how I grow my hair and the answer is very simple- I started taking care of my hair hence a Healthy Hair Journey (read here, here and here).

A healthy hair journey is important if you want hair you will love and cherish! It is a journey because it is on going, you will start, get tired along the way, you will continue, you will learn some much about your hair…yeah it never stops but I am here to help (well not like I will be there to do the work for you but yea I will be your uhm guide?


A healthy hair journey involves evaluating your past and current hair practices, avoiding those practices that cause damage to your hair and starting a healthy hair regimen.

I always say growing your hair is fairly easy, maintaining growth and preventing damage is another story which is why a HHJ is highly essential.

HHJ involves treating your hair with tender loving care – regularly using quality hair products to nourish your hair and maintaining healthy hair practices effectively. It is important to research and try products that will work for you.


I have found the most important hair products needed for a HHJ are:

  • Shampoos- To cleanse your hair
  • Conditioners-To moisturize and strengthen your hair
  • Moisturizers-To hydrate and nourish your hair
  • Oils– To nourish scalp and hair

It is important to use quality hair products IN ADDITION to healthy hair practices to achieve a successful HHJ if not you’re wasting your time and resources.

ESSENTIAL- Clean hair is important!

Neglecting your hair is a NO NO!

Causing unnecessary tension to your hair through combing and excessive heat only leads to more damage

Condition! Condition! Condition!

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Protective Styling is COMPULSORY!!!

In upcoming posts, I will talk about each of the important products I use, my healthy hair regimen (you are welcome to try or better still modify), protective styling and provide tips to minimize hair damage.

A HHJ is important, everyone needs one!

Have a great week guys,


 Tea, Love and Kisses,




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